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OHSAS 180001:2007
ISO 140001:2004
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NAMA Europe, located in Bern, Switzerland is a subsidiary of NAMA Chemicals Company. The company provides an integral part of the Nama supply chain for quality products and better customer service to our European clients.

European customers now have better access in terms of logistics, customer service and regulatory compliance to NAMA's products including caustic soda and the full range of epoxy resins.


Please visit our product link :   EPOXY RESINS    CAUSTIC SODA


Please visit WWW.BPA-COALITION.ORG for more details:


Company Name: NAMA Europe LLC
Postal Address: Bernfeldweg 13
  CH -3303 Jegenstorf, Switzerland

Telephone :

+41 61 841 11 56

Fax :

+41 61 841 11 57


Name: Roland Soos European Sales Manager


+420 602445553

(Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland,
UK, Eastern Europe)

Email :

Name: Heinz Christen  NAMA Europe Sales


+41 41 783 0745 (Switzerland, France,
Scandinavia, Benelux, Balkans,
 Greece and Special Projects)
Fax. No.: + 41 41 783 07 46
Mobile: + 41 79 270 52 87
Email :




Koen Lauryssen

Suttons International NV  Europe

Telephone No.: +32 3 540 00 38 Mobile No.: +32 491 56 13 17
Email : Koen_Lauryssen@Suttons-Group.Co.UK
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